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Welcome to Sargethrust Bullmastiffs of South Africa


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“Our definition of breed success resides both in maintaining the breed standard and breeding pups who will remain with their families and die in the arms of those same families 12 years later. This way we all win.”


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Tyson (breeding stud) @ 3 years

bullieprettyblack_switchOUR REFERENCES

bullmastiffownerOwner: Richard van Dijk, RSA

Dog: Morpheus Maximus (Red Male, born 02 Feb 2017)
Update May 2018: “He is our gentle giant. We love him to bits. We are so glad that we chose you as breeder. He has such a lovely temperament and he is an attention freak – when we are in public he is the center of attention!”

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullie’s Progress

bullmastiffownerOwner: Jacques,P.E. RSA

Dog: Bruno (Brown Male, born 02 Feb 2014)
Update May 2018: “He is a big bear and our protector. What an awesome dog! As you can see, he is great with my son.”

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullie’s Progress

bullmastiffownerOwner: Pip Dunwell, Malawi

Dog: Ferguson (Brown Male, born 02 Feb 2017)
Update February 2018: “Our very beloved Ferguson at the grand old age of 1yr and equally beloved Boo who is just over 3yrs now.
He is very much the dog we had in mind when you chose him for us. Thank you! As you can see he’s had a busy year growing. We weighed him last a month ago and was a healthy 58kg – I’m sure he’s 64kgs by now. Is it likely he will grow much more? We are still bringing his food up from SA and will continue to do so for as long as he is growing.”

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullie’s Progress

bullmastiffownerOwner: Renette from Pretoria, RSA

Dog: Shavar (Red Male, born 04 April 2015. Latest(first) picture at 24 months reaching maturity.)

Update June 2016: “We are incredibly happy with him. He has a lovely temperament and loving character and we are often complimented on him. I have not weighed him recently, but he is huge.”; October 2016: “At 18 months he is a massive bullmastiff and has become my shadow. He is such a dear and definitely looks like the sire you bred him from for us”

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullie’s Progressimg-20161016-wa0001

bullmastiffownerOwner:Caroline Von Bardeleben, RSA

Dog: Oliver (Brown Male, born 02 February 2017. Latest(first) picture at 6 months)

Update August 2017: “Our puppy Oliver is now 6 months old and has bought us so much happiness. He is the most beautiful dog with such a wonderful temperament.
Kindest Regards

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullie’s Progressimg-20170811-wa0001

bullmastiffownerOwner:Maya Jembere, Ethiopia

Dog: Tiger (Brindle Male, born 30 November 2016. Latest(first) picture at 8 weeks)

Update February 2017: “I can’t thank you enough for our Tiger. His stripes make him look like a real Tiger.
He is amazing and such a joy to our family. He is the clown of the house and such a great little boy.
He is catching a few commands already at barely 9 weeks – such a sharp one!”

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullie’s Progress

Tiger at 12 months

bullmastiffownerOwner: Bridgette, Kwazulu Natal, RSA

Dog: BruceBoy (Red Male, 12 Months old in last pic below)

Update June 2017: “I still can’t believe how big Bruce is. My other purebred bullmastiff male that is already grown is so small compared to him. He must be 70kg already. We kept him on Royal Canin as you suggested. When he stands up he can look into our kitchen window and he sets off the beams when he does that.That black cape he had on his back is completely gone. He is the most loving and loyal dog to us.”

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullie

bullmastiffownerOwner: Polly, RSA

Dog: Duke (Red Male, 12 Months old in last pic below)

Update January 2017: “He is very pretty. We believe Duke will become a huge dog. He is highly alert and wants to stay by our sides constantly. He has a terrifying bark. We love him despite him being naughty sometimes / Hy is baie mooi. Ons glo Duke gaan ‘n groot meneer word. Hy is vreeslik op en wakker en nogsteeds wil hy net die hele tyd by en om ons wees. Hy het `n verskriklike stem wanneer hy blaf. Nogmaals dankie vir jul. Ons is baie lief vir hom al is hy soms bietjie stout”

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullie

bullmastiffownerOwner: Shaun Henning, Mpumalanga, RSA

Dog: Duba (Brown Male, 11 Months old. Female in pic below only a few months old)

Update August 2016: “He is an awesome, loveable dog. We do not feed him any more than he requires. His weight progress: At 4 months he weighed 29kg, by 5 months 35,8 kg, by 8.5 months 48kg. You breed Monsters! I did not weigh him recently, but he is massive now at 11 months (about 60kg)!”

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullie


bullmastiffownerOwner: Shaun Bosch, Mpumalanga, RSA

Dog:  Mufasa (Fawn Male, 18 Months old in last picture, born Nov 2015. Weight 75kg)

Update Sept 2016: “Mufasa is my heart’s child. He has the best personality ever – very friendly, huge teddy-bear. He has only now discovered his voice. He also already is a great guarddog / Mufasa is my hart se punt. Hy het die beste persoonlikheid ooit – baie vriendelik, groot ‘teddy bear’. Hy het nou eers sy stem ontdek. Hy is alreeds ‘n baie goeie waghond.”

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullie

bullmastiffownerOwner: Rebecca Prosser, Durban, RSA

Dogs: Raka and Keira from different Sargethrust Parents. (Brown Male, 18 Months old. Fawn Female, 3 Months old.)

Update August 2016: “We currently have Keira and Raka in dog classes and we are all loving them so much. Everyone is so wary about Raka but he is the biggest softy you have ever met and Keira is very cleaver. Loving them so much.”

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullies

Raka and Keira

bullmastiffownerOwner: Ilze Krige

Dog: Queen Rougeke (Red Female, born November 2015. Last picture at 9 months and still a teen.)

IMG-20151215-WA0010Update August 2016: “This dog is in a class of her own! She gets bossy with the little Jack Russell that’s constantly hanging onto her, but he constantly challenges her. We love her to bits and she gets a lot of attention. She is highly intelligent – we’ve, for instance, trained her to stay behind an invisible border line and she is very obedient to the command. I am so glad that we bought her from you. Please remember that you are always welcome to visit us. Thanks!”

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullie’s Progress

Rougeke1 Rougeke2

bullmastiffownerOwner: Samantha Brider

Dog: Keevah (Fawn Female, born May 2014), Kzn, RSA.

“Hi. We are the proud owners of a beautiful girl furbaby. She is absolutely amazing with _iconsuch a gentle nature. She loves playing with my 5 year and 7 year old sons. She has never shown any aggression towards our children or other dog. She is extremely protective of the family. The reason for having her was and is as a companion. She has amazed us with how she guards the property which is an extra bonus.

She has been taken to the vet for regular vaccinations and the vet is thrilled with her – no elbow or hip dysplasia. I would like to thank the breeder, both Johan and his wife for the friendly welcome and advice we received and for breeding the most wonderful litters.

I will definitely be adding another furbaby pup in the near future and will only be contacting Johan again. Thank you so much for our wonderful girl. We love her so much and can’t imagine our lives without her. Best baby ever!!! – The Brider Family

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullie’s Progress

Keevah 1 Year+

Keevah at 12 Months

Female Keevah at 3 Weeks

Baby Keevah

Keevah at 5 weeks

Keevah at 5 Weeks

Keevah at 3 Months

Keevah at 3 Months


Keevah loves kids


Keevah at 3 Months


Gentle giant Keevah at 4 Months

Female face changing to teenage shape

Keevah wins Kzn Photogenic puppy competition

Keevah at 6 Months

Keevah at 6 Months

Keevah at 7 Months

Keevah at 7 Months

Keevah 8 Months

9 Months

Keevah 9 Months

10 Months

Keevah 12 Months

11 Months

bullmastiffownerOwner: Christa Greyling (a registered Bullmastiff breeder)

Dog: Bismark (Red Male, born May 2014)

Update on 09 Oct 2014 (Bismark is 4.5 months old: “He is beautiful. He now weighs 25kg. We walk with him up and down to the farm gate on a _icondaily basis and he completes his 3.5km walk with our older breeding dogs easily.

We had a friend’s boy here whom played in the mud and he loved to play along

He is learning quickly and is a loving dog. Everybody who meets him likes him! – Greyling Family

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullie’s Progress

Bismark at 15 Months

2014-12-27 12.20.48

Bismark at 10 weeks


Bismark at 6 Months

Bismark the beaut

bullmastiffownerOwner: Ruzaan Jansen van Vuuren, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Dog: Tyson (Fawn Male, born May 2014)

“I must say, we are extremely happy with our beautiful male that you bred. He has brought us nothing but happiness and is mRuzLogoy 19 month old daughters’ best friend.

He is growing so big and handsome, yet still a baby at heart and will steal any chance he can to sit on your lap for a cuddle. My daughter can go sit in his kennel with him and have his ears pulled, tailed stood on and her examine his whole mouth without me having to worry about her at all.

There is no aggression with food and us at all. He is very protective of us and will follow my daughter all over the garden. When he is tired of playing with her, he will just sleep next to her and guard her. Best dog and baby sitter we have ever had and boy is he a stunner. It is all about professionalism with this breeder whom is always willing to help. Thank you so much Johan” – Ruzaan and Family

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullie’s Progress


Tyson at 18 Months

SargeThrust TysonOnTargetMale Bullmastiff (1)

Baby Tyson

SargeThrust TysonOnTargetMale Bullmastiff (2)

Tyson at 7 Months

SargeThrust TysonOnTargetMale Bullmastiff (3)

Tyson loves Kids

SargeThrust TysonOnTargetMale Bullmastiff (4)

Tyson at 6 Months

SargeThrust TysonOnTargetMale Bullmastiff (7)

Tyson at 6 Months

SargeThrust TysonOnTargetMale Bullmastiff (6)

Tyson with the family

SargeThrust TysonOnTargetMale Bullmastiff (5)

... kisses

SargeThrust TysonOnTargetMale Bullmastiff (8)

Tyson at 7 Months - Already a knockout

bullmastiffownerOwner: Edwin Stevens, Kzn,
South Africa.

Dog: Diesel (Fawn Male, born September 2015)

Sargethrust Diba the great“Diesel is the best dog I have ever had. He’s getting big now (10 months old), but his temperament is still the same. He is the most lovable dog and like a baby lion the way he walks. We changed his name to Diesel from Juice because of his dark face” – Eddie and Family

bullmastiffpawShowcasing our SARGETHRUST Bullie’s Progress


Diesel at 7 Months

2016-01-25 08.23.13
Sargethrust Diba the great

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