While we understand that buying a quality Bullmastiff puppy is a large expense to most new owners, most existing owners will agree that it is far more valuable finding a trusted, established breeder with whom you are comfortable – one whose practices, philosophy, and promises are in line with what you would expect from a professional breeder of quality Bullmastiff puppies- this implies less risk to you in future expenses associated with poor breeding.

Simply put, we have no choice but to increase pricing every few years. We love the breed and need to be able to finance what we do if we want to continue running a quality breeding program.
Our prices have always been set at least to recoup our expenses (including the kenneling costs and caretaking of our full compliment of adult dogs), based on a normal, complication-free litter bred with much love and care. The demand alone for our beautiful dogs have long justified price increases which remained unchanged since 2008 until 2016 during times of economic recession. We have always given a discount on pre-bookings, unless pre-bookings have filled up sufficiently already. South African prices for dogfood, vets and utilities have increased over 15% year-on-year while our pricing remained unchanged for years despite our breed standard continuously improving. Proper breeding remains expensive and therefore any goals of “profit” is outweighed by our love for the breed.

Remember this for your 10-year Bullmastiff investment: Most health issues in giant breeds are tremendously expensive and excruciating to treat. Professional breeding, which is seldomly cheap, aims to eliminate as many genetic conditions as far as possible”

Sargethrust is professionally well distinguishable from many other breeders that are registered with KUSA. We are also distinctly registered with the Cape Bullmastiff Club  which sets the highest of Bullmastiff breed standards for its members and we subscribe to both the KUSA and the CBC code of ethics. We also have many references to show for our years of experience, effort and love of Bullies.

After we have vetted you as a prospective Bullmastiff owner you will be buying much more from us than a puppy – you are buying into our reputation. If you have a smaller budget then you will unfortunately have to wait until the time comes that you can afford a Sargethrust Bullmastiff. We take pride in quality and temperament and have many references.

So, what is a Bullmastiff breeder’s time worth?

It is estimated that the average breeder spends 140 hours or more per month caring for their dogs and pups. In our case, our primary income is completely independent from breeding and we therefore still attend to our other businesses. The dogs often become a ‘full time’ obligation regardless of everything else. We do this, because we love Bullmastiffs. Other sources of income certainly pays much more for much less effort.

Red, Fawn and Brown Bullmastiff Babies @ 6 weeksThis 140 hours cannot be scheduled around other obligations; other obligations must be scheduled around the puppies and adults. Have you considered what a breeder needs to do to go away for the weekend, a vacation, or even the day–One needs to have reliable people around 24/7. So, having a litter of puppies for any breeder pretty much takes a considerable chunk of time and independence from life. A good breeder will carefully screen and interview all potential buyers to ensure that their puppies get placed in only the best homes. They will also offer support to the puppy’s new family to make sure that they are properly prepared to care for the puppy.

“Proper Bullmastiff breeding is an expensive joy! Any breeder that runs a breeding programme and does not run their Kennel like a business will quickly find that breeding becomes a very expensive hobby”

Proud father

Proud Male

Suppose you viewed your well bred Bullmastiff as an investment in your  own emotional health: You couldn’t get any mental health professional to treat you daily for the next 8 to 12 years at the same price. Buying the wrong breed or buying from the wrong breeder — quite the opposite.


Then there is breeding experience, which is priceless – It has taken us years of learning: Genetic disorders, diseases, breeding conditions, preferences, veterinary procedures, standards, ethics, owners, quality and again… quality. Yes, we still make mistakes and mishaps do happen, but those are rarely things that occur within our control or intent. Only God, the giver of life, decides the full fate of every pup and breeding program. For the rest, we give it our best efforts and strive to continuously learn more in order to better the breed standard.

Warm Regards,
Mr. Johan Smith and Mrs. Christa Greyling

Some of the quantifyable reasons / expenses that logically figures into our puppy pricing:
puppy-costsfood: top nutrition at all times while the pups are with us.
veterinary and immunisation costs: by no means cheap
caretaking: daily cleaning of their environment and individual care of pups and mother.
transportation: pups are often raised on the farm because we cannot always raise them with other adults on the premises in the city
kennelling: pups are raised with the mother seperate from all other dogs. Propper kennel maintenance is essential
licensing: michrochipping and registration
administration: admin, advertising, communication and marketing costs
selective breeding: costs of raising various sires and dams for breeding selection before picking the right ones for breeding only once they have matured. Often an adult cannot be bred with despite having gone through all this effort. Despite this being costly, we maintain our standard and deliver your quality pup.
–  further quality control: hip and elbow scans of breeding dogs, graded by vets certified by Onderstepoort Laboratories at the University of Pretoria
our time and experience:… never to be turned back, priceless yet free in almost every sense of the way – even long after these pups have left do we keep contact with owners

We do not base pricing on:
Gender, Color, Markings, Titles or Pedigree, Nationality, Bitch’s Breeding Expenses

False perceptions followed by the facts:
– Puppyfarms… puppyfarming… (We could never endorse that! Breeding professionally is everything but puppyfarming which usually seeks to avoid any costs at all costs for the sake of shear profit. Such ‘breeders’ seldomly exhibit love for the pups or establish relationships with the ‘buyers’)
bullmastiff-cup-sargethrustPeople simply leave their pets to mate and then make a huge profit selling their puppies for huge profits. (Surely, there’s much more to it than that with a reputable breeder! Professional breedings is considered a science VS having an odd litter arriving by accident from two unspayed/unneutered pets)
– Puppies are always cheap to raise (They can be cheap to raise. The larger breeds though, are often quite expensive to raise when raised properly)
– There are plenty of the same, cheaper puppies out there (Similar.. but not the same. Many years of experience tells. Cheap buys can become very expensive)
– Price increases are unjustified (Prices for dogfood, vets and utilities have increased over 15% year-on-year while our pricing remained unchanged since 2008 until recently despite our breed standard continuously improving over the years)
– These pups are expensive! (Weigh your up-front cost for your pup against other and future expenses: Many small breeds cost much more up-front; If you cannot afford this pup then you definitely cannot afford his/her food and vetenary costs in the future; Similar known-to-be highly aggressive large breeds and their subsequent costs…; The price of a Bullmastiff pup in the USA, UK, NE, GE and AU is three times that of a local South-African breeder)
– The pups won’t find homes (They still do – most of them before they’re born. Either way, the right home is the best home – our reputation preceeds us for this)

“What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value.”
– Thomas Paine

S Nehring / Breeder

Avid and diligent breed standard maintainer

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