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Above are examples of two Red males from distinctly different lines which we incorporated in our breeding program. One can clearly observe the difference between the Red males. The male on the right could potentially be registered as a brown male, however, we prefer registering as brown only when the colour leans more to the lighter/fawn/caramel side but isn’t purely fawn/light. The muzzle (nose) is always black. In our standard, we attempt to ensure that the black muzzle and black circles around the eyes are a connected whole. It is desirable to have the minimum white markings, such as a small white patch on the chest.

The Bullmastiff always comes in the following colours:
RED (reddish brown)bullieprettyblack_switch
FAWN (grey or cream)
BROWN (caramel brown to dark brown) (KUSA Only)
Even though the KUSA breed standard does not list brown, brown registrations are authorised by KUSA in South Africa. This helps breeders to differentiate properly during colour selection. The AKC (American Kennel Club) will effectively have browns registered as either red or fawn, depending on which color is more dominant.

BRINDLE (black mixed with red, fawn or both). We have a preference for red-brindles when breeding brindles and therefore usually mate brindle with red.

The following four pictures of our pups clearly shows the difference (Red >Brown > Fawn -> Brindle). Also refer to our galleries for further examples.

sargethrustredbullmastiffpupsargethrustbrownbullmastiffpup sargethrustfawnbullmastiffpupAlthough the Bullmastiff standard varies slightly between countries, we align generally accepted South
African Lady Jane2breed standards. We strive to maintain the  KUSA Bullmastiff breed standard.



S Nehring / Breeder

Avid and diligent breed standard maintainer

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