Bullmastiff Growth – Visual Progress

Your bullmastiff growthAll Bullmastiffs are individuals and grow and change at different stages. If you don’t like your puppy at 8 – 9 months, remember what it was like at 8 weeks and “hang in there” until it is 14 – 16 months. Maturity cannot be rushed along by trying to change your leggy youngster into a solid dog by fattening them up to fill them out, this will only damage the bones. Some Bullmastiffs can be mature by 14 months whilst others not until 2 1/2 – 3 years of age. Give the dog time and all body parts will equal out and you will end up with a very nice, square headed, compact bodied Bullmastiff. Here are some samples of males and females we’ve bred and their progress. You will notice that they are all very different in growth but ends up similar. Refer to our breed standard page for further info.

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  • Dam Keevah of SargeThrust from birth to 12 Months

bullmastiff growth visual progress. champion bullmastiffs from south african bloodlines. view bullmastiff growth here. sargethrust bullmastiffs

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