Bullmastiff Litter 08 May 2016


Litter Nick Name: All Tracy’s Children
Mating Dates: 06 & 07 March 2016
Amount of pups: 8 (5 Female, 3 Male)
Date of Birth: 08 May 2016
Viewings from: 04 Jun 2016
Planned inoculation & microchipping date: 18 Jun 2016
Microchip brand: GetMeKnown (click for more info)     Inoculation: Nobivac® Canine 1-DAPPv (click for more info)
Planned “release ready” date: 2nd/3rd Week of July 2016
KUSA Registration by: Before end of September 2016

red_adult_bullmastiff_male_champion_south_africa     &bulliepretty
Mating colours: Red Male             &              Red Female     

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  • Bismark and Tracy, May 2016

Update: 21 June 2016. 6+ Weeks Old (All pups booked)

– Litter doing well. Colors settled; Microchips and vaccinations done; Weight approx 6kg

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  • 6 Weeks Old

Update: 25 May 2016. 2+ Weeks Old (1x Female has become available. All males booked)

– Sad news. We’ve lost one male and one female pup born with severe colic. No issues with other pups. Colors still changing; Eyes and ears open; Weight approx 2kg

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  • 2 Weeks Old

Update: 17 May 2016. 1+ Week Old (All pups booked)

– Tracy and pups are doing very well: Colors still changing; Eyes and ears still closed; Weight approx 1kgTracy and pups

Update: 08 May 2016. Birth! (All pups booked. 3 Male pups and 5 females reserved of 8)

– Tracy is doing very well. Labour commenced at 22h00 last night and completed by 08h00 this morning. It looks like most pups are red at this stage and two may turn out fawn – We will confirm colours officially in due course (4 weeks) .


Update: 04 May 2016 (3 Male pups and 3 females reserved of estimated 8)

– A few days to birth remaining

Update: 22 April 2016 (3 Male pups and 2 females reserved of estimated 8)

– About 2 weeks to birth remaining

Update: 17 April 2016 (3 Male pups and 1 females reserved of estimated 8)

– About 3 weeks to birth remaining

Update: 01 April 2016 (2 Male pups and 0 females reserved of estimated 8).

– Pregnancy confirmed. About 5 weeks to birth

Update: 29 Dec 2015 (1 Pups, 1 male and 0 females, reserved of estimated 8).

What to expect: Meet Shavar, bred from the same genes (The same dam and the sire’s father) last year. He is respectively 14 months, 12 months and 6 weeks old in these pictures. At 12 months still a teenager in his dandy thinnish/leggy phase and not yet fully grown for at least another year. At 14 months reaching maturity. His owner, Renette, reports to us his lovely temperament and loving character and says that she is often complimented on him

Shavar at 18 Months
Shavar at 14 MonthsShavar at 12 Months Shavar at 12 Months
What the pups in Shavar’s litter looked like:
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  • Sargethrust-Sabrushca Litter April 2015

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