Bullmastiff Litter 12 October 2017

October 23, 2017
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Refer to our planned litters with bookings available for pups here. Also refer to info on our previous litter. Please contact us for more information.

Sire (Photo Below): Nero-Maximus
Dam (Photo Below):  Lady Jane of Sargethrust

Mating Dates: 12 August 2017
Amount of pups: 3
Date of Birth: 12 October 2017
Selection from: (Selection not necessary, small litter all booked long in advance)
Inoculation & microchipping date: 30 November 2017
Microchip brand: GetMeKnown (click for more info)     Inoculation: Nobivac® Canine 1-DAPPv (click for more info)

Planned “release ready” date: 01 December 2017
KUSA Registration by: Before end of April 2018

Obtain more info on our puppy cost and ownership process here

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bulliepretty      red_adult_bullmastiff_male_champion_south_africa

Mating colours: Red Male             &              Brindle Female     

Sargethrust Brindle Bullmastiff Female Lady JaneJane at 18 Months
Jane during pregnancy

Max is our pride and joy and a beautiful, large, red boy. He has produced fantastic offspring and has a gentle, loving temperament. Lady Jane is a loving brindle girl with an equally loving temperament who has given us one brindle and red litter before. Most of the pups in her previous litter were exported to other breeders. We are expecting strongly built, large, goodnatured and exceptionally high quality pups from this pairing.

Update: 01 December 2017 – All pups booked. Pups with new owners

Update: 15 November 2017 – All pups booked. Pups 4.5 weeks old
These pups are in excellent form and we are proud to say that they are all that we expected them to be in terms of the breed standard. They will be fully weaned in a few days and should be ready to leave on 01 December 2017.

Update: 03 November 2017 – All pups booked. Pups 3 weeks old
Jane has recovered fully from the C-section. All her pups pups are doing well and are crawling freely around their den. She is very protective and produces more than enough milk. We are happy with the quality of all three pups.

Update: 21 October 2017 – All pups booked. Pups 1.5 weeks old
Jane is strong and recovering well from the C-section. All her pups pups are doing well.

S Nehring / Breeder

Avid and diligent breed standard maintainer

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