Bullmastiff litter 17 November 2018


Refer to our current litters and planned litters with available bookings here. Also refer to info on our previous litter. Please contact us for more details.


Litter fully booked.

Mating Dates: 17 September 2018
Amount of pups: 6 (2 males; 4 females)
Date of Birth: 17 November 2018
Selection from: 17 December 2018
Planned microchipping date: 02 January 2019
Planned inoculation date: 02 January 2019
Microchip brand: GetMeKnown (click for more info) Inoculation: Nobivac® Canine 1-DAPPv (click for more info)
KUSA Registration by: Before end of March 2019

*** Planned “release ready” date (info last updated on 17 December 2018): Pickup on Saturday, 12 January 2019. Please confirm your transport arrangements before 10 January 2019 if you have not done so yet! For pups flying to their new homes – please note that the pups will only be 8 weeks of age and eligible to fly with airlines on this date. Please make formal arrangements well in advance for collection since we are 300km from Jhb and only have one opportunity to get pups to the necessary points and transport company in Johannesburg. We will take them to 52 Long Street, Kempton Park – arrival around 1pm. We can recommend Inawil Pet Transport for those who’s pups need to fly, since they have always been reliable, affordable, based in Kempton near O.R Tambo International Airport and can keep your pup overnight (click here for contact details). Please settle balances due in advance. If you have opted to collect your pup from the farm, please arrange a time with us well in advance. They can only leave from 8 weeks of age once they have been fully weaned and checked. Thanks for working with us to make transport as simple as possible.

Obtain more info on our puppy cost and ownership process here

Bullmastiff Puppy Application

Info on parents and breeding: Bella is a young brown-fawn female and this is her first litter. Her mother gave us some of our best pups ever bred according to breed standard. She is loving and playful. Bageera has a gentle nature and gets along with everyone. He is red like his mother. We have received exceptionally positive feedback on Bageera’s previous offspring, of which some are being raised in the showring by top breeders. This is our first successful mating with this mating pair and therefore our first litter from this very special combination. The pups’ colors will mostly vary between medium to dark red tones.


Mating colours: Fawn Female & Red Male

Bella in great shape

07 January 2019: Pups 7.5 Weeks old (All pups booked)

Our pups are doing well on solids and the vet is happy with them. Their microchipping and inoculations have been done.
** Please remember to settle your balance due within the next few days if you have not done so already.
** Please confirm with us if your transport arrangements have been finalised.

They are now seperate from their mother and ready to leave on Saturday.
** Please remember to pick a name and let us know next week in order to process registration with KUSA.

** Also remember to purchase the correct puppyfood!
We currently feed them Royal Canin Giant Puppy food and recommend this for your pup until at least 9 months of age before moving onto Royal Canin Giant adult dogfood. This contains the correct balance of Protein, Calcium, Vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids for healthy development. Our experience with similar expensive options like Eukanuba and Hills has often been that they cause skin allergies and other stomach problems.

The pups have been pottytrained and should be keen to look for a spot of grass (or soft carpet…) to “go to the loo” every few hours. Be sure to provide accessible, fresh drinking water and a soft sleeping spot for your new kid on the block.

Never overfeed as this can cause them to bloat and could be fatal! They should currently eat about 150grams per feeding, three to four times per day.

28 December 2018: Pups 6 Weeks old today (One female booking has become available)

All pups doing well. They are now on solids. Please ensure that your arrangements are being finalised and that you communicate accordingly with us for 12 January in Kempton Park (all info above), especially if your pup is travelling via airfreight. Alternatively, please make arrangements with us for direct pickup from the farm. Please remember to settle your balance due within the next week.

Pup selection is happening today!
Updated pictures of your beautiful pups (click to enlarge)

18 December 2018: Pups 4.5 Weeks Old (All pups booked)

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