Bullmastiff Litter 25 March 2018

March 26, 2018
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Refer to our planned litters with available bookings here. Also refer to info on our previous litter. Please contact us for more details.


Litter fully booked.

Sire (Photo Below): Khalamoja Lord Bageera of Sargethrust
Dam (Photo Below): SargeThrust Miss Missy

Mating Dates: 22 to 24 January 2018
Amount of pups: 11 (6 males; 5 females)
Date of Birth: 25 March 2018
Selection from: 25 April 2018
Planned inoculation & microchipping date: 20 April 2018
Microchip brand: GetMeKnown (click for more info) Inoculation: Nobivac® Canine 1-DAPPv (click for more info)
KUSA Registration by: Before end of July 2018

*** Planned “release ready” date (info last updated on 03 May 2018): Saturday, 19 May 2018. Please confirm your transport arrangements before 12 May! For pups flying to their new homes – please note that the pups will only be 8 weeks of age and eligible to fly with airlines on Sunday, 20 May. Please make formal arrangements well in advance for collection since we are 300km from Jhb and only have one opportunity to get pups to the necessary points and transport company in Johannesburg. We will take them to 52 Long Street, Kempton Park – arrival around 1pm on 19 May. We can recommend Inawil Pet Transport for those who’s pups need to fly, since they have always been reliable, affordable, based in Kempton near O.R Tambo International Airport and can keep your pup overnight (click here for contact details). Please settle balances due in advance. If you have opted to collect your pup from the farm, please arrange a time with us well in advance. They can only leave from 8 weeks of age once they have been fully weaned and checked. Thanks for working with us to make transport as simple as possible.

Obtain more info on our puppy cost and ownership process here

Bullmastiff Puppy Application

Info on parents and breeding: Missy is a beautiful Fawn girl with the most gentle nature. She is loving and gentle with children. Bageera is a big red boy with the softest heart… We attempted mating with Tyson (fawn stud) as well, but Bageera and Missy had successfully formed a tie after Tyson failed. Bageera comes from an imported line of European champions. Full Disclosure: Please note that his hips and elbows will only be tested in a few months when he is 18 months of age and all owners be notified accordingly. Both his parents were bred by Lamejor Bullmastiffs who are renowned for their quality and love of the breed. The lineage from his great grandparents recorded very good h&e gradings as well as multiple international champions through four generations and he displays no signs of form or movement issues – we therefore decided to mate with him. He is in top form and has a beautiful temperament. We have received exceptionally positive feedback on Missy’s previous litter of pups.
fawn_adult_bullmastiff_male_champion_south_africa & red_adult_bullmastiff_male_champion_south_africa

Mating colours: Fawn Female & Red Male

Missy in great shape
(click on images to enlarge)

Update: 19 May 2018: 11 pups (All pups have left to their new homes). Pups are 8 weeks old.

Thanks to everyone for your effort to fit into our logistical arrangements. All pups have now left. Please remember to keep your puo on Royal Canin Giant Puppy food until at least 12 months of age before moving onto adult food. Please also read up here on the details about neutering or spaying your Bullmastiff!

Update: 10 May 2018: 11 pups (All pups booked). Pups are 6.5 weeks old.

Pups moved fully onto solid foods. Here are new pics of your pup. Please settle remaining balances due before 18 May. Collection timelines still scheduled as per abive. Enjoy!

Update: 02 May 2018: 11 pups (All pups booked). Pups are 5.5 weeks old.

Our pups are still weaning but are also on solid foods. We use Royal Canin Mother and Babydog. Be sure to buy Royal Canin Giant Puppy from your vet – they must move onto this by 8 weeks of age. Selection process done. Here are new pics of your pup. Enjoy! Please take note of pickup arrangements for 19 May as per above!

Update: 22 April 2018: 11 pups (All pups booked). Pups are 4 weeks old.

Our pups are doing great. They are starting on solid foods. Microchipping done. KUSA registration will follow the selection process and name assignments. Selection will start in a few days.

Update: 16 April 2018: 11 pups (All pups booked). Pups are 3 weeks old.

The pups are doing well. Their eyes and ears are now all open and they are crawling around. The colours are ranging from light fawn to dark red. Missy is a great mother and she is not showing any signs of fatigue. She is providing sufficient milk for all 11 pups and handles them with care.

Update: 11 April 2018: 11 pups (6 Males and 5 Females). 1 Female Booking available. Pups are 2 weeks old.

Missy and all pups are in excellent condition. Their eyes and ears are starting to open.They have tripled in size from birth.

Update: 25 March 2018: 11 New pups born (6 Males and 5 Females). 3 Bookings available.

Missy is doing very well. She is an exceptional mother and is nursing her pups well. Labor lasted 10 hours. All pups are healthy and strong and despite the size of the litter we are very blessed not to have any runts or problems. Their colors are still similar and will start to change to shades of fawn and red during the next few weeks.

Update: 19 March 2018 (all pups booked) – Pups unborn.

Missy is doing very well. She is starting to nest. Labor should be within the next 5 to 7 days. We will start to validate and formalise bookings with all who are on the waiting list soon. The pups in Missy’s previous litter were very large and we were extremely happy with them over all.

Update: 17 March 2018. Previous Bullmastiff pups 8.5 weeks old.

The pups in Missy’s previous litter were very large and we were extremely happy with them over all.

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