Bullmastiff Litter 28 September 2016


There are more litters planned for 2017 from our uniquely different females. Please visit the planned litter page for more info.

Sire (Photos Above and Below): Nero-Maximus of Sargethrust
Dam (Photo Below):  Cleopatra-Chisa of Sargethrust

Mating Dates: 27-28 July 2016
Amount of pups: 11 (7 Females, 4 Males)
Date of Birth: 26 September 2016 (was estimated/planned to be 28 Sept)
Selection from: 26 October 2016 (age 4 weeks)
Planned inoculation & microchipping date: 14 November 2016
Microchip brand: GetMeKnown (click for more info)     Inoculation: Nobivac® Canine 1-DAPPv (click for more info)
Planned “release ready” date: 25 November 2016
KUSA Registration by: Before end of March 2017

Obtain more info on our puppy cost and ownership process here

readmoreBullmastiff Puppy Application

Update: 11 November 2016 (All pups booked)
Pups doing extremely well. All teeth are out. They have doubled in size between week 4 and 6 from an average of 2.2kg to average 4.5kg.

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  • Bullmastiff Litter 28 September 2016

Update: 28 October (All pups booked)
Pups doing well. Teething and biting like little monsters. They should nearly triple in size in the weeks to come until 8 weeks.

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  • Bullmastiff Litter 28 September 2016

Update: 25 October (All pups booked). Formal selection starts tomorrow. Pups doing well. They are still in the farm. We will confirm the final date of arrival in Jhb.


Update: 19 October 2016 (All Females Booked. One Male booking cancelled – 1 Male Available)

The pups’ eclampsia is now under control. We will post individual pictures in a week, once the pups are 4 weeks old. Can you spot all pups in the picture below?sargethrustpuppiesallmost4weeks

Update: 17 October 2016 (1 x Female Still Available)

Gaining size quickly. Pups experiencing eclampsia (“the shivers”) and being treated with calcium supplementation. Please refer to our article on the most common whelping issues for more info.

Update: 14 October 2016. (1 Booking cancelled, thus 1 female available)

Eyes and ears open

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  • Bullmastiff Litter 28 September 2016

Update:  12 October 2016. Pups are 2 weeks old! (All pups booked. There is one female booking that might be cancelled as the buyer has not paid a deposit – updates to follow)

Cleo and all her pups are doing very well. She had a mild case of mastitis this week (not uncommon with large litters) which is under control (Mastitis is a bacterial infection of one or more lactating / milk producing glands in the breasts).

There are no runts in this litter – spectacular for such a large and busy litter! She is a fine girl and an excellent  mother since she takes care to continuously nurse her pups and always avoids stepping on them when moving into and from the den. The pups’ eyes and ears will open soon. We will start to measure and track them individually from week 4 once their uniqueness shows more clearly. There are both light and dark males and females.

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  • Bullmastiff Litter 28 September 2016

Update:  26 September 2016. Birth! (8 of 11 pups booked. 2 x Males and 1 x female available)

The pups have been born. Cleo successfully delivered a large litter of 11 pups (7 females and 4 males). She is doing very well. We are blessed and happy to say that all pups are of expected size and health. There are dark and light boys and girls and by week 4 we will have a better idea of the split between fawn and red pups.cleoandnewbornpupssargethrust

Update: 02 September 2016 (8 of 8 pups booked + one reserve booking)

This litter is now fully booked. Less than four weeks remain to birth.

Update: 29 August 2016 (7 of 8 pups booked)

Pregnancy confirmed. 1 Month to go until birth.Mother in great shape. Estimate 10 Bullmastiff pups, but we will only allow 8 bookings in advance.
Breeding info:
fawn_adult_bullmastiff_male_champion_south_africa      red_adult_bullmastiff_male_champion_south_africa
Mating colours: Fawn Female      &           Red Male
(click on images to enlarge)
What to expect from this litter:


Adults from an older previous litter:

S Nehring / Breeder

Avid and diligent breed standard maintainer

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