Bullmastiff Breeding Studs

BULLMASTIFF BREEDING STUDS: Mating / Semen available from  studs from 2 Years of Age

BullieAdultCornerWe do not specifically sell any of our current studs, although we have been asked by sargethrust_max_editvarious importers and exporters of the breed to provide preserved semen to further diversify their bloodline with good genes. We can only provide a stud to mate with your bitch under our supervision at our premises at the farm. We do not transport studs for mating purposes. Mating will only be approved under the condition that your bitch suits our requirements to breed standards. Once agreed, please bring and supervise your Bitch during mating. We have had high offers for our breeding studs, but we do not breed for sheer profit. We breed because we love Bullies. Please note that a male younger than two years will not be provided.

We utilise specialised courier services to ship semen packages when this method has been agreed between all parties.

Please contact us for more info on this process. Also refer to our Bullmastiff Breeding Standards.

The norm for a mating fee is for the owner of the Dam/Bitch to pay a fee equal to the price of one pup at the time when the pups are sold. However, if your female has never conceived pups before mating our stud, the first non-refundable mating fee will be due and payable in advance.

The price of one pup means: The total price of one pup at our current rate that we charge for a South African newborn pup.

Please note that pricing for semen is just an indication and may vary on agreement due to many influencing factors. Various factors will add into pricing when exporting.

Hiring Price to mate a stud with your bitch – price of one pup in advance: From July 2018 R10,000
Semen Pack – price of two pups in advance: From July 2018 R20,000

Obtain more info on the relevant process

readmoreBullmastiff Puppy Application

Semen price includes vacuum-sealed, cold-preserved 3-5ml pack.

1) Booking: Breeder contacts us, agrees on method with us and books mating/semen prep for specific date and time and pays 50% deposit.
2) Notification: We notify Breeder 48 hours in advance of scheduled time that all is in order.
3) Settlement: Breeder settles outstanding 50% and sends proof of payment within 24 hours.
4.a) Conclusion(mating): Bitch introduced to our dog (following our safety and health assessment) and partnered for a maximum of 8 (eight) hours.
4.b) Conclusion(semen pack): Our vet runs the extract procedure and sends the preserved pack via specialised courier to the Breeder.
5) Follow up: Please keep in touch with us!


1) We cannot guarantee or assure the successful impregnation of your bitch regardless the chosen method.
2) The full amount must be settled via EFT and receipt confirmed by us up front.
3) We assume no responsibility for the health or safety of your bitch or any other impacted persons or dogs
4) Semen extraction can not be cancelled or refunded once ordered

5) Applicable to mating only —
5.1) We assume no responsibility for the outcome following the mating.
5.2) We undertake to act in accordance with preferred breeding standards.
5.3) Should no mating occur despite our dog and your bitch being partnered, 70% of the amount is refundable.
5.4) Should no partnering be done due to any owner detecting signs of distress or aggression, 90% of the amount is refundable.
5.5) Should a mating be cancelled by you before 48 hours (2 days) of the scheduled time, 100% of the amount is refundable. Your cancellation within 48 hours (2 days) before such scheduled time will only allow for a 70% refund.
5.6) We will process any refund within 2 working days.

–applicable to all methods–
6) We retain our right to follow up with all implied parties and bodies on the registration of any offspring produced from our males at any point in time.
7) You fully accept all these terms and our processes by engaging with us.

S Nehring / Breeder

Avid and diligent breed standard maintainer

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