Grown Bullmastiffs and Juniors


We’ve raised your pup to obedience standards
 Why not skip the hard stuff, including:

>> Weaning move onto solids
>> Potty Training challenges
>> Instructional Training challenges
>> Risk of disease in the first 6 months
>> The unknowns of initial puppy development
>> 6-9 Months feeding -> expensive, top-quality nutrition
>> delaying your gardening hobbies …

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For rescued Bullmastiffs and adult rehoming we raise the minimum fees involved to cover costs also including nutrition, vets, medical bills and rehoming.

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All-inclusive Price: R10,000 >> Download the application form here
(Standard Price: R12,000)

Sammy is a fawn adult female. She is 4 years old and is registered with KUSA with no breed restrictions. Her vaccinations and dewormings are up to date and her microchip is active. She has a fantastic, loving temperament, gets along with various other animals and people and has been socialised incredibly well. She is suited for a home with young children or no children. She grew up on the farm with various other animals.

Valerie has found a great new home in Bela-Bela. We wish her and her new owner all the best.

Vallerie is an excellent, obedient and friendly 2year old Bullmastiff girl. She has been well socialised and is used to other dogs, family and friends. KUSA Registered, Microchipped, Dewormed, Vet Checked and received annual injections. Muscular, healthy and neatly built.

Only rehoming to Jhb, otherwise you will need to arrange to collect her.

She was raised as a female for our Sargethrust Bullmastiff line, but she is not proving to be very fertile despite being a wonderful girl. Please PHONE to discuss adoption. This is a rare chance to own a young, soft-natured Bullmastiff already socialised and raised by an expert of the breed.

Our latest two adults to rehome, Tracy and Bismark, have found new homes with loving families in the Western Cape. We wish them all the best.

Tracy (see 20 May 2017 section below) has found a home with a loving family in the Western Cape. We wish them all the best.

Bismark is still in need of a new home (see section below)

Grown Breeding stud age 3 Years – R10 000

Bismark and Tracy

Bismark at 2 years

Video – Click to play

Bismark is a KUSA-registered Bullmastif stud. He is 3 years old. His vaccinations and dewormings are up to date and his microchip is active. His Hips and Elbows are certified. He will get along with other dogs.

Tracy is also registered with all papers and injections up to date. She may not get along with your other dogs immediately, so some trial period will be required to introduce her to them. She is more protective than Bismark, but not aggressive.

Bismark has a loving, playful temperament and has been properly socialised with people and other dogs on the farm and has been raised to be obedient. His parents have fantastic hip- and elbow scores. He gave us beautiful offspring.

These dogs are ideal for loving owners looking to avoid issues like aggressiveness, teething, obedience training, puppy exposure to parvovirus, garden devastation and the general pains of raising a puppy.

Please be ready to have a conversation with us if interested in an one of them. We always require excellent homes for our Sargethrust Bullies. This is a once in a lifetime chance to own a truly beautiful, loving and well raised bullmastiff.

Prontofront2 9 Months Old

25 October 2016: We are pleased that we have rehomed Pronto to a great,loving home in Johannesburg with caring owners. The owner reports that he gets along exceptionally well with the children and other pets and they are happy with his temperament, training and great level of socialisation.20161025_160632

13 October 2016: We have one junior (puppy) bullmastiff male:  Pronto, aged 10 months, is available to be homed as a pet.  Here is a short videoclip of Pronto playing with Max:

Meet playful Pronto - 9 month old Bullmastiff Male Puppy


14 December 2015: Bella (as per below) has been booked and has left to the Western Cape in January 2016.

12 December 2015:
We currently have 1 x KUSA-registered Grown Red Female Bullmastiff Bitch Pup. She is 8 months old(video taken at 6 months), has had all injections, has been properly trained to hand commands, has a loverly temperament, is very playful and will make a fantastic pet. Below is an introductory clip. Meet Bella:

All-inclusive Price: R7000 >> Download the application form here
(Standard Price: R10 000)



We often find new homes for adults as well
>> Fully Vaccinated
>> Disciplined
>> Registered
>> Disciplined
>> Used to people and various other animals
>> Loyal

15 February 2016: Wilbra has been rehomed to a great new home in Randburg, Johannesburg.
14 December 2015: We currently have 1 grown girl available: Wilbra is 2 years old, comes from a good line, has been well socialised, potty trained, is fully vaccinated and is a loyal companion. She has an excellent temperament, and is very playful. She grew up on the farm in Makwassie. She needs an alternative great home.

Price: R5000 >> Download the application form here



She is being rehomed as a pet, not as a bitch to breed with. Wilbra is slightly out of breed standard wrt her nose-to-head-ratio and we can therefore not allow breeding with her.

1) Booking: New owner books pup with 50% deposit of the standard price and provides personal info and address to us via completed booking form. Verbal booking is not binding on the Breeder unless this step is complete
2) Selection: We vet your documentation
3) Updates and Release Notification:  We keep all owners up to date via this page. 
4) Admin: We complete vet-compliant check, deworming and vaccinations @ 6 weeks of age. We raise the pup until 4, 5 or 6 months of age. The price is the same for all periods.
5) Pickup: Owner settles balance and arrange transport / pickup of pup by agreed due date/.
6) Registration: We complete registration with KUSA and send you the papers with registered post
7) Transfer: New owner to notify KUSA of ownership change via registered post
8) Follow up: Please keep in touch with us!



Yes, there are safe ways to get your pup to his new home! Although we do not transport our Bullmastiff puppies ourselves, we do comend some specialist pet transport companies for their services

Avoid scams! Be sure to use a trusted service provider which is not only affordable, but whom will take good care of your pup during the transport process. All service providers under the “read more” section above have a fast online quotation request process.

S Nehring / Breeder

Avid and diligent breed standard maintainer

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