Newborn Bullmastiff Puppy

Sargethrust bullmastiff pups at 3weeks  (7)


Keevah 11 MonthsCongratulations on your choice to own a Bullmastiff! We breed every 6 to 12 months, depending on the condition of the relevant bitch. Your pup is about to be born or has just arrived. The current options include Red, Brown, Fawn and Brindle Males and Females. Please visit our current litter page or contact us for more litter info. It is important to us to find the best homes for our puppies. Also refer to our litter info page and prime puppy example galleries.

All-inclusive Price from July 2018: R10,000
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Price includes vet checkup, michrochipping, vaccinations, deworming at 6 weeks and KUSA registration.
Rates only relevant to South-Africans. Please request pricing in USD for non-SA/exports. In general, add R3000 to the standard price for exports to African countries. Rates vary for regions of the world due to various administrative variables.

1) Booking: New owner books pup with 50% deposit and provides personal info and address to us via completed booking form. Verbal booking is not binding on the Breeder unless this step is complete
2) Selection: New owner is informed of birth of pups and updated until 28th day of age when owner selection is allowed (refer to terms below)
3) Updates and Release Notification:  We keep all owners up to date via the litter info page. We then notify the owner of their puppy ‘release ready’ date
4) Admin: We complete vet-compliant check, deworming and vaccinations @ 6 weeks of age
5) Pickup: Owner settles balance and arrange transport of pup for within 7 days of ‘release ready’ date
6) Registration: We complete registration with KUSA and send you the papers with registered post
7) Transfer: New owner to notify KUSA of ownership change via registered post
8) Follow up: Please keep in touch with us!



Yes, there are safe ways to get your pup to his new home! Although we do not transport our Bullmastiff puppies ourselves, we do comend some specialist pet transport companies for their services

Avoid scams! Be sure to use a trusted service provider which is not only affordable, but whom will take good care of your pup during the transport process. All service providers under the “read more” section above have a fast online quotation request process.

S Nehring / Breeder

Avid and diligent breed standard maintainer

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