bullmastiff puppy

February 26, 2019
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CURRENT BULLMASTIFF LITTERS ——————————— Details below on 1x current litter. Click the links to find more info on our previous litter and planned litters . Please contact us here for more details or complete the form by clicking the ‘contact us’ bar on the right. LITTER 1: SHIVA’s SUPERPUPS All pups booked Sire (Photo Below): Khalamoja Lord Bageera

December 19, 2018
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BULLMASTIFF LITTER: BELLA’S BEAUTS ——————————————– Refer to our current litters and planned litters with available bookings here. Also refer to info on our previous litter. Please contact us for more details. BULLMASTIFF LITTER DETAILS Litter fully booked. Sire (Photo Below): KHALAMOJA LORD BAGEERA OF SARGETHRUST Dam (Photo Below):SARGETHRUST MISS BELLA Mating Dates: 17 September 2018

October 23, 2017
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BULLMASTIFF LITTER INFO ——————————— Refer to our planned litters with bookings available for pups here. Also refer to info on our previous litter. Please contact us for more information. Sire (Photo Below): Nero-Maximus Dam (Photo Below):  Lady Jane of Sargethrust Mating Dates: 12 August 2017 Amount of pups: 3 Date of Birth: 12 October 2017 Selection from: (Selection not necessary, small litter

August 29, 2016
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BULLMASTIFF LITTER INFO: CLEO’s CLASSICS There are more litters planned for 2017 from our uniquely different females. Please visit the planned litter page for more info. Sire (Photos Above and Below): Nero-Maximus of Sargethrust Dam (Photo Below):  Cleopatra-Chisa of Sargethrust Mating Dates: 27-28 July 2016 Amount of pups: 11 (7 Females, 4 Males) Date of Birth: 26 September 2016 (was estimated/planned

May 8, 2016
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BULLMASTIFF LITTER INFO ——————————— Litter Nick Name: All Tracy’s Children Mating Dates: 06 & 07 March 2016 Amount of pups: 8 (5 Female, 3 Male) Date of Birth: 08 May 2016 Viewings from: 04 Jun 2016 Planned inoculation & microchipping date: 18 Jun 2016 Microchip brand: GetMeKnown (click for more info)     Inoculation: Nobivac® Canine 1-DAPPv (click for more info) Planned “release ready” date: 2nd/3rd Week of July 2016 KUSA Registration

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